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Le Bec de L'aigle

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  • Le Bec de L'Aigle version Française   L'Le Bec de L'Aigle version Anglaise
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  • Le Bec de l'Aigle le Lioran

    'Le Bec de l'aigle, Location appartements Super Lioran, Accomodations super Lioran france'

  • Le Bec de l'Aigle le Lioran

    'Le Bec de l'Aigle le Lioran'

  • Hébergements le Lioran, Locations Appartements su super Lioran

    'Hébergements le Lioran, Locations Appartements Lioran, Hotel super lioran'

  You are Here >> T See, To Do > In Summer
    You located the ideal place to go hiking ..
    Many marked trails, GR and route of Saint-Jacques de Compostela.
    Do not forget to bring strong walking shoes ...
    A breath of fresh air ... raspberries and blackberries are waiting for you in August!

    City of SAINT-FLOUR
    City of SAINT-FLOUR
    Located 20 kms from Lioran, through Murat, the (city of winds).
    Many shops and pedestrian streets.
    see the "organs" of the cliff bazalte located between the upper town and lower town (visible by car).
    The brave will walk the path of goats between the upper town and lower town (over 800 steps connecting these two points ..

    City of MURAT
    City of MURAT
    Located 10K MS Lioran, the city of Murat (medieval town) offers a Museum (wildlife)
    take your picture .. See apareil virgin overlooking the city and the chapel that overlooks the city.
    many artisans and shops nearby are available.
    Do not leave without tasting the specialty of Murat (the cones murat). with whipped cream is even better.

    The 2nd building EIFFEL (by size) Viaduct GARABIT is a fifty kms Lioran
    Take the direction of Murat then Sint-flour yeses Garabit ..
    A place not to be missed ..
    The Viaduct is illuminated at night ..

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